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Online Marketing

Legal Marketing Agency’s experience proven law firm search engine optimization process improves our client’s online presences through several different ways:

Legitimate Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Legal Marketing Agency uses time tested SEO techniques which ensures your legal website receives traffic from the most organic best practices, which avoids “spammy” techniques which often lead to penalities from search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Our search engine optimization team collaborates with the content writing staff to create content that appeals to potential clients and search engines, leading to Google topping results. Legal Marketing Agency prides itself on utilizing the most ethical web marketing techniques to create quality content for legal professionals and wrangle users traffic to your firm’s website while avoiding penalties from spam tactics.

Optimized Listing

In addition to high search results, your firm will be prominent in map listing and business directory submission. Legal Marketing Agency’s clients catch locals’ attention with eye catching images of their businesses on maps, and organic reviews in business directories which pique client’s interest. Maps Optimization bolsters locally specialized firms and increases their firm’s online presence through multiple venues. Business directory listings place our company’s clients in a ring that their competitors haven’t entered, and further the search engine optimization’s linking building network.

Most people don’t realize that map listings like Google Maps Listings are highly competitive, and there are many techniques you should employ to ensure that your firm is visible on the “Results near…” list. One important step is to be sure that your address is listed accurately on any website where your firm is mentioned. The bigger the website that mentions you, the better; prominent websites like Wikipedia and will especially boost your rankings if they have your address listed. Another contributing factor is reviews; the more reviews your business has, the better you will rank. It does not matter the quality of the reviews or the content. However, we strongly advise against posting fake reviews. Although tempting, consumers can often smell something fishy and it could ultimately damage the reputation of your business. The final way is if other people tag or bookmark your location in their personal maps. Clearly, if strangers are marking your business as notable on their map, it’s worth sharing with other people.

Far Reaching Advertising

Legal Marketing Agency’s search engine marketing tools boost your website’s law firm online marketing campaigns by increasing your website’s presence and ranking on every major search engine with the same techniques. Our search engine marketing staff enhance content to benefit our clients’ rankings on each search engine specific campaigns superflous. Our results-proven marketing strategy elevates each firm’s website to the highest of search engine results, map results, and overall profitability.

Tracking the Results of Your Law Firm’s SEO Campaign

Tracking website visits and the origin of law firm website users tells our search engine optimization staff which marketing techniques our working the best. Legal Marketing Agency’s performance tracking applications enable our staff to fine-tune optimization efforts at any time. Information, such as visitor numbers, peak times, hourly traffic reports, and visitor information, enables your firm to schedule website maintenaince, reformating and updating more effectively in addition to benefiting internet marketing efforts.

Quantifiable Results

Beware of any company that guarantees a guaranteed #1 ranking on Google search or any other search engine. Because the parameters of Google search are constantly changing, anyone who guarantees total success is either giving you false expectations, or is using illegitimate SEO tactics that will work in the short-term, but in the long term might bring negative attention to your firm. Find a company that will discuss realistically what you can achieve, and are committed to a long term (at least 4 months) effort.