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Marketing Facts

At this point, almost every U.S. resident is connected to the internet, turning the internet an effective tool for reaching potential clients. Legal professionals with intuitive layout increase their business as customers find attorneys through laptops, smart phones or tablet computers. Clients no longer distrust law firms with established web presences. Much to the contrary, potential customers view legal professionals without web sites with suspicion. An internet based legal marketing campaign is a necessity, no longer an option, for law firms.

The Rise of Internet Shopping

The increased usage of webpages like Ebay, Amazon and Best Buy led the U.K.’s Office of Fair Trading to conduct research on internet shopping trends. You’ve witnessed it yourself; online ecommerce titans growing larger and larger and pushing brick-and-mortar companies with a long history of success completely out of the market. Your clients are researching online, looking for the most competitive prices and the most satisfactory service. They are reading reviews written by other clients and scouring websites to find the company best for them. If your company is ignoring legal internet marketing options, you’re also ignoring competitors that will push you right out of business.

The Internet Provides Accessible Information

An Awo Inc. research project uncovered that at least one fifth of legal Americans have a very difficult time finding an attorney’s contact information when searching for a professional to represent them in a court case, civil suit or advise their business. Most potential clients are unsure of where lawyer’s post their contact information. Legal websites with law firm web marketing behind them disseminate their contact information to potential customers without fail.

The Growth Trend In Internet Advertising Continues

According to recent studies by the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s, spending on internet marketing totaled six billion dollars the recent fiscal quarter. That increased 17-percent from that period the year before. Legal Marketing agency can connect attorney websites to clients for new business and ensures law firms of all sizes have a competitive edge.

SEO: Number One Priority

Inclusion in search engines accounts for between 80 and 90-percent of legal web pages traffic in terms of page views. Potential clients select legal professionals websites from the first search engine page, and don’t look anywhere else. Boosting your web search ranking raises the odds that potential customers will choose your website. Legal search engine optimization accomplishes this task by linking websites to keywords that customers frequently type into search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Potential of Social Networking

Many legal professionals network through traditional industry groups like the American Bar Association, but social networking options have become more viable options in recent years. Pew Internet & American Life Project research studies learned that just over a third of adults, defined as age eighteen or over, have set-up a social networking profile through one of the many channels. The percentage jumped from 8-percent the previous year, and web analysts predict this number will increase as web oriented youth enter adulthood. Twitter and Facebook have increased their presence in America and the world’s cultural landscape in recent years. Recently Networks for Counsel discovered almost half of lawyers have created and maintain social networking profiles. This may include Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles and Facebook fan pages. Designing social networking pages offers potential clients another method of contacting legal professionals.

Direct Contact with an Interested Audience

Traditional marketing can be costly, complicated and time-consuming. Rarely can law firms run a successful traditional marketing campaign all on their own, and results are usually hard to measure. In addition, marketing efforts might not even be reaching interested consumers, and instead is forced on uninterested parties. With internet marketing, potential clients come searching for law firms with a specific need in mind. The impact of your campaign can be measured through various platforms, and an increase in public awareness can be tracked immediately.