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Legal Website Hosting

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past few years, the topic of blogging has probably made its way into your mind at some point. Blogs are becoming more and more popular amongst lawyers and law firms. In fact, lawyers even have a special term for their blogs, called “blawgs.” The blogging format is different from the regular portion of your website. It is meant to have content added to it frequently and can be used to boost your online reputation and web presence. Blogging has many benefits for your law firm and can truly take your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is an excellent way to boost your online marketing by increasing your website’s search engine optimization. Appealing to the search engines is all about proving your authority in your field and amongst your top competitors. Blogs are generally made up of short posts that share information and updates and that give tidbits about your particular field of legal expertise. Google is always in search of relevant sources of information and the best way to show that you’re the authority in your field is to show that you have plenty of information to share with your readers.

Share Updates

A blog is also great not just for the search engines, but for your clients and potential clients. A blog is a place where you can share information about your law firm and your area of practice. This helps to build your law firm’s reputation and build trust with your potential clients, thus increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Inbound Links

Blogs are also a great way to attract links back to your website. Other websites in your field will be looking for relevant information to share with their readers. Your blog can be a great resource for them and when they quote you or share your posts and then link to you, Google boosts your ranking in the search engines because they can see that your website is held in high esteem by other websites in your field. This once again helps to boost your reputation by showing to your potential clients searching for legal services that you’re number one in the search rankings.

Becoming a Valuable Resource

Beyond simply attracting more attention to your website, keeping a regular, informative blog can be a great way to build influence in your community. If you update your blog frequently with useful information for clients, employees and individuals seeking further knowledge, you establish yourself as a source of expertise in your field. This can build a loyal following, inspire educational conversations with people of all types, and enable greater awareness of the legal community. Then, when these readers need legal help, they will already trust you as a knowledgeable firm, and may even recommend you to their friends in need.