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Attorney Branding

Many attorneys don’t have time to spend thinking about branding and marketing. If you’re working at a large or medium-size firm, that’s fine. Your firm probably has a team that takes care of those things. However, if you’re in a small or sole practitioner firm, you’ll need to spend some time making sure that the image your business portrays is just right. Branding is more than just putting logos on your stuff. It’s defining the personality of your brand, the ideas associated with your brand, and what exactly your business stands for. This stuff may not seem profitable or worth your time, but you’ll find that your clients will become more loyal when they see what you stand for, and they agree with it.

A good place to begin when creating your law firm’s brand is thinking about your own philosophy when it comes to business. Are you the kind of person who goes all out for customer service, no matter the cost? Or are you more interested in offering the most efficient services to the most people possible. Each person has their own approach to business, and it’s important that the world understands yours. Take some time to write about your beliefs about the world and about legal practice, and you’ll begin to see the outline of your firm’s brand.

If possible, it’s best to consider your firm’s brand before anything else. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but try to think as though you are building your business from ground zero. Based on the personality you’ve expressed, who are the clients that will be most interested in your services? What services are they interested in most? For example, some divorce law firms may focus on the idea of healing and finding peace, while others might focus on tenacity and getting the most possible for their clients. These two firms, although based in the same practice area, are going to have different services that they offer and different outlooks on the same cases.

When aquiring legal services most people are trying to “hire a lawyer not the firm” so this brings the daunting task of branding each individual lawyer within your firm. Each individuals plan should be tailored to fit the ultimate goal of the firm. On your website you should be able to showcase the strengths of each lawyer so that potential clients can gather and differentiate the benefits between them. you dont need to spend big money to make a big impression especially in the law industry there rare so many virtual outlets to display a lawyers brand.